Sanroc Cay Marina


SanRoc Cay Marina is a must-visit for anyone visiting the Orange Beach area. The SanRoc Cay Marina is home to fishing docks, fishing charter companies, restaurants, shopping, and entertainment options. Plus, the marina is host to numerous events throughout the year. Come for the afternoon or stay through the night -- you won't run out of things to do. 

After you spend the day on the water, grab cocktails at The SanBar and dinner at Louisianna Lagniappe or one of the several other restaurants at the marina. Great seafood is easy to find here so you can "Taste the Gulf Coast in Every Bite," as the locals say. There are also several local shops and boutique stores to get resort beachwear, a memento, and more. 

Fishing Charters at SanRoc Cay

Restaurants at SanRoc Cay 

Shopping at SanRoc Cay

Phone Number

(251) 980-0016