Have a Dolphin Adventure in Orange Beach


One of the top things to do in Orange Beach is to get out on the water and take a dolphin tour! While there are plenty of exhilarating water activities such as fishing or flyboarding, a dolphin cruise is a perfect activity the entire family can enjoy together. Nothing is as exciting as waking up in your Orange Beach condo rental and looking forward to seeing dolphins while cruising on the Gulf of Mexico. 

Choose a Dolphin Cruise  

There are a variety of dolphin cruises to choose from with each trip lasting 2 hours and averaging about $20 per person. These cruises will give you the best opportunity to get an up-close look at the Atlantic bottlenose dolphins that live right off our shore! While there are many local dolphin cruises to choose from, a few of our favorites are Southern Rose Dolphin Trips, Dolphin Fun Cruises, and Cruise Orange Beach. Most trips are offered in the morning or afternoon, however, special sunset trips are often scheduled. Sometimes there are specials or group discounts, so we recommend contacting the company directly for all the latest deals. 

What to Bring 

All guests are provided with a life jacket while on the boat, however, it’s important to be prepared for spending a couple of hours in the sun while out on the water. Make sure to bring sunscreen and a hat so you stay protected. Snacks are available for purchase on most boats, but make sure to eat before the trip leaves so you can look for dolphins and not worry about being hungry. Some trips allow guests to bring a small cooler with drinks and snacks, but make sure to read or ask your specific trip what guests can bring on the boat. 

See Dolphins on the Gulf 

Once you’ve purchased your tickets and arrived early, all you have to do is board the boat and the crew will take care of everything for you. As you set sail, sit back and enjoy the calming sensations of cruising onto the Gulf. While it is not uncommon to see dolphins at any time during the trip, each cruise has its unique itinerary and route that maximizes the chance of seeing dolphins. Depending on which cruise you choose, there are also special occurrences that include encountering pirates, checking on crab traps, and more! 

Book Your Stay in Orange Beach 

Now that you know all about one of the top water activities in Orange Beach, make sure you’re also staying at one of the top Gulf-front condos. Our SeaChase vacation rentals offer stunning views of the Gulf and access to our family-oriented amenities. 

Published on Tuesday, December 27, 2022