Why Fall is the Best Time to Visit Orange Beach

Orange Beach in the Fall SeaChase

Enjoy a Special Orange Beach Fall Vacation

Fall is one of the best seasons to visit Orange Beach. So if you’re considering vacationing to Orange Beach in the fall, you’re be making the right choice. The days are cooler, the crowds are practically nonexistent, and the water is the perfect temperature. Here are a few of the reasons to visit Orange Beach this fall.


Cooler Days on the Gulf Coast

Perhaps the best reason to visit Orange Beach in the fall is this one. The days are much cooler. In the summer months, the air gets super heavy and the sun can be relentless. This makes it harder to get outside and do the things you want to do. But in the fall months  - September, October, and November - this is not a problem. The air temperature hovers around 80 degrees, which is ten degrees cooler than the summer months. The sun is less intense and the humidity is generally lower as well. And surprisingly, there’s usually a lesser chance of precipitation in the fall, so there’s nothing that can come between you and that awesome tan! 


Perfect Water Temperatures in the Gulf

Similar to the air temperature, the temperature of the gulf is great in the fall. According to weather data on Orange Beach, ocean temperatures in the summer can get close to 90 degrees, which doesn’t offer much relief from the sun and the heat. In the fall, however, ocean temps hover around 82 degrees, which is the average temperature of most pools. The ocean temperature is absolutely perfect in the fall!


Avoid the Crowds  

Orange Beach is much less crowded in the fall. Despite the hot, humid weather, summer is still peak season for Orange Beach. June, July, and August are all super busy times to visit. In the fall, it might feel like you have the beach to yourself! You’ll also be able to avoid crowds at things to do and activities, and you’ll have no trouble getting dinner reservations at some awesome Orange Beach restaurants.  Golfers love coming this time of year and since Seachase Guests also receive the ARONOV FREE ACTIVITY PASS, you can get a golf cart and a round for free. We have other complimentary activities as well.


Exciting Fall Events in Orange Beach

Aside from the lack of crowds and better temperatures, fall also features a ton of cool events and things to do! In September, you’ll have the opportunity to get tickets to a concert at The Wharf Amphitheater, a super cool venue for any show! In October the annual Shrimp Festival comes to town. The festival features vendors that dish up some of the best shrimp, lobster, and crab in the country! The festival also features live music and was named one of the ‘21 Best Food and Drink Festivals in America’ by FlightNetwork. In the fall at Orange Beach, there’s more than plenty to do!


See You at SeaChase in the Fall

Thanks for checking out our guide to visiting Orange Beach in the fall. We love hosting guests during this special season on the Gulf Coast.

Published on Tuesday, December 27, 2022