4 Tips For Planning Your Spring Break At the Beach

spring break gulf shores

We know the new year just started but Spring Break will be here before you know it! We know all about planning a vacation and what is involved to have it run smoothly. When planning your beach vacation, here are five tips you want to keep in mind for your best getaway, yet. 

Be Flexible With Your Dates – You might have a specific week in mind for your child’s spring break but being flexible by just a day or two can sometimes make a significant price change. Some days are better for flying as well so adjust the dates with some wiggle room and see where the best rates are. You can always check for special rates throughout the year on our Orange Beach vacation rentals.

Be Prepared for Anything – We're not saying pack everything you can imagine. That’s not a wise tip. But allowing for some incidents to come up will definitely keep the trip from getting ruined. Pack (and apply!) sunscreen to prevent sunburns. You can order grocery delivery ahead of time at nearby grocery stores and save on shopping and no one gets “hangry”. Check out the local malls or attractions to plan rainy day activities.

Keep it Simple – No need to overbook or overwhelm yourself with a packed itinerary. Our beaches draw in people year-round with its soft, white sand and beautiful waters. When you get to take that much-anticipated trip, we can guarantee most of your time will be spent soaking up the sun. Bring some beach toys, snacks, and a good book and park yourself and the crew for the day.

Check out local events – Throughout the year, we have concerts, festivals, and exciting events for all ages. The last thing you want to do is miss one of the best annual events we have by just a few days. We have art festivals, food and wine festivals, music festivals, and plenty more all along the beach near Orange Beach condos. 

We can all agree 2022 was pretty wild and we could use some downtime and true relaxation. The beach is the perfect place to do that. Start planning ahead and lock in your spring vacation! Put it on the calendar and watch that countdown breeze by until you’re here with your toes planted in the sand. We’ll see you soon!

Published on Tuesday, January 24, 2023